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Welcome to our website! Established in 2001, Mega Green continues to help industrial companies recycle plastics, metal, and electronic scrap materials; putting them back into the manufacturing cycle. But in order to remain in recycling we need your help. We're asking for your company to save us your metals, cardboards,and plastic items, so we can help you do your part for a cleaner environment. These recycling products are processed and end up in the domestic and export market.
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The world's annual consumption of plastic materials has increased from around 5 million tons in the 1950s to nearly 100 million tons today, and Mega Recycles is working hard to take role.

Plastic Materials

No matter of what forms they are, how mixed or contaminated; Mega Recycles will redirect any Plastic Materials to the right place for the right treatment.
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True Believes:
"Because Mega Recycles is so diverse in our networks for the recycling of scrap, you can be assured that we can help you with your recycling dilemma. With many locations nationwide to help you with your recycling, Mega Recycles can be there when you need us."